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Conditions of publishing

Journal is issued 2 times a year. We accept only the paper in English language that are authentic, original, concerned with new ideas and thematically and conceptually related with portfolio of journal m:se. The editorial board may shift a paper to another thematic proceedings, or reject it. If the paper is accepted for publication, it will be sent to peer review.

The fee for publication is 60 € .

In order to accept the papers by editorial board, it is necessary to follow the instructions and template for writing a paper – instructions
Template for paper is possible to download here – template

In order to publish a paper in scientific journal m:se it is necessary to meet the conditions of publishing – agreement

Important terms

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Notification of acceptance of the paper
Payment deadline
V5 n1 June 2016 / V5 n2 November 2016
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Information Forum of Management


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