Slovak Scientific Journal
management: science and education

Scope and Focus

Management as a professional socio‐economic problem:

- general management,
- business management,
- strategic management,
- knowledge management,
- innovation management,
- financial management,
- quality management,
- human resources management,
- information managament,
- marketing‐management,
- other management functions, processes and tools.

Management as a problem of science, the subject of scientific research:

- methods,
- tools,
- models,
- solutions of knowledge base.

Management as an education discipline, the subject of teaching and professional education:

- educational approaches,
- methods and techniques.

Information Forum of Management


Organized by:


  • Department of Management Theories
    Faculty of Management Science and Informatics
    University of Zilina

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    Univerzitná 8215/1
    010 26 Žilina
    Slovak Republic

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