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management: science and education


ISSN: 1338-9777

Slovak Scientific Journal Management: Science and Education ~ m:se is the scientific journal aimed at the presentation of selected theoretical and practical knowledge and experience of general management issues. The journal focuses on publishing original results of theoretical and applied research and also verified the practical experience of the authors and collectives. It should be focused on the latest trends and theories, current approaches and view on complexity of the management issue and its individual parts. Specific scientific journal portfolio is:

Management as a professional socio‐economic problem (general management, business management, strategic management, knowledge management, innovation management, financial management, quality management, human resources management, marketing‐management and other management functions, processes and tools).

Management as a problem of science, the subject of scientific research (methods, tools, models, solutions to the knowledge base of Management Science).

Management as an education discipline, the subject of teaching and professional education (educational approaches, methods and techniques).


Information Forum of Management


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